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We create a triple value proposition for our corporate partners that delivers great value today, tomorrow and together we change the world.

Global and fresh consulting insights at unbeatable rate

Local, innovative and very professional. We developed a magic receipee that provides you 80% of the quality of a top consulting company for 20% of its cost. Yes it is magic, check more on how we do it!

Hire talents globally

ShARE is also a virtual university which counts 500 students across 30 pretigious campuses. We developed a HR package so you can talk about your brand and hire students from 3 continents.

Create your own university

ShARE helps you create and manged your own university. You got knowledge in your company, we help you spread it to any bright student of the world. Educate the world with us.

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ShARE Consulting

ShARE is a not for profit organisation between a global university and a consulting company with a double mission to grow tomorrow’s leader and advise today’s leaders. If you are a student, visit, if you are a corporate visit,